What will this new taxing district cost you?  Those who live in Twin Falls County,where the College of Southern Idaho is located, pay $98.21 per year per $100,000 in taxable value.  If you own property in Twin Falls County you could be paying hundreds each year for that college's taxing district. For us in Bonneville County we are told that if we just vote “yes” to start a new taxing district here we will be charged a “teaser” tax rate of about $14 per year in new taxes per $100,000 in taxable value.  This makes you wonder just how soon our new rates will be raised to match what the people in Twin Falls have to pay.  Hold on to your wallets folks.  New taxes are coming if this passes May 16th!  Just how high these taxes will go up to in the future might surprise all of us!  We were just told that one Twin Falls resident said his property taxes for their college has tripled since the taxing district has started.  
A few years ago in the Nampa area the voters created a taxing district to start the College of Western Idaho (CWI).  Their taxes continue to go up.  Last year their college board raised taxes to give pay raises to some of their staff.  Additionally they asked their tax payers to raise their property taxes in November to pay for a $180,000,000.00 bond and the taxpayers said no way!  You can read about taxpayer frustration in this newspaper article here  CLICK HERE.
Does anyone really think that this May 16th tax request will be the last one Bonneville County residents will ever be hit with from this college?  
We also feel it is wishful thinking when those on the yes side say property owners in  nearby counties will gladly raise their taxes so that their few students can pay a few bucks less per credit hour when their county joins our taxing district.  This seems almost laughable to us! 
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