Proponents of creating a new taxing district that will turn EITC into a Community College have projected the enrollment will jump from about 700 students to about 4000 students over the next few years. They anticipate many students will come from surrounding areas.   At the same time proponents are touting that 900 new jobs will be created with this change.  On page 4 of their  “panel report” they write “The community college would likely employ 362, including staff and faculty. It can reasonably be assumed the community college would create the remaining 561 jobs as a result of student spending, employee spending, and supply chain activity.” 


Experience tells that most students at community colleges also need jobs and work while going to school.  So it appears there will be 3300 new students at the college fighting for 561 new jobs in the community, which will mean 2800 new people will be competing with our current residents for the limited jobs already.  Our high school students, looking for entry level jobs, will probably be the most affected, competing in the local marketplace against older community college students seeking the same part-time or “flexible hours” type employment. 


In a few years it could be nearly impossible for high school students to find weekend, after school, or summer work in our area with so many new community college students competing with them.  The college does not bring enough jobs to the area to fill the employment needs of its’ students and could create the most over staffed local job market Bonneville County has ever seen.  This is not good for local families or our youth.



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