Bonneville County Republican Central Committee Opposes College by a vote of 21-11!

BREAKING NEWS!!  On April 13, 2017, the  Bonneville County Republican Central Committee voted to REJECT the Community College Taxing District proposal by a vote of 21 to 11.  After significant presentations by groups from both sides of the issue and a vigorous debate, the BCRCC, made up of dozens of Precinct Committee Officers from around Bonneville County, adopted a resolution to oppose the May 16th ballot measure.  It was determined that with so many other educational opportunities available in the area that new taxes are not needed to essentially duplicate the many choices students currently have.


We invite you to join with the BCRCC and oppose this new taxing district!


Future tax increases, built in by state law, were also a concern.  "We are pleased with this vote but not too surprised" said one opponent of the new taxing district.  "When more voters learn what this is all about, like the BRCC just did, the May 16 ballot measure will be easily defeated."  We feel the local press did not adequately cover this story and failed to express what a landslide victory this was for those opposing the new taxing district.  We also wonder why there is not a lot of press highlighting that many liberal groups seem to be all in when it comes to raising our taxes.


To read the firsthand account of an attendee at the BCRCC meeting, who wrote of her experiences in a Letter to the Editor of the Post Register, that was just submitted, click here. (It will be posted after it is printed in the Post Register).


A quick scan of the letters to the editor and local liberal leaning social blogs, facebook pages, and political groups general show that Liberals tend to want this new taxing district and conservatives oppose new taxes to duplicate many of the educational opportunities that are already locally available.



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