No College Taxing District Needed! Plenty of Great Opportunities Already Available!

When you begin to look at all the affordable education opportunities already available in Bonneville County it makes you wonder why anyone would think we need higher taxes to pay for something we already have. Another college will only hurt existing institutions as more competition is created to fight over already scarce resources. 


We have CSI- Idaho Falls, ISU- Idaho Falls, BYU-I, ISU, U of I- Idaho Falls, Pathways, and many other online offerings.  There are many dual credit programs for our high school students.  In fact, the State of Idaho has set aside enough money that every single high school student can graduate with enough college credits via a dual enrollment credit program to get their associates degree for no charge to the student if done while still in high school.  


As said elsewhere, one reason the proposed college's tuition is low is that they are not charging enough and need local taxpayers to subsidize this venture.  But be sure there are cheaper venues, even online venues, that beat the price of the credits at a community college.


Scholarships keep credit costs down as do grants and work place tuition reimbursement programs as well.


Let’s be smart and support the institutions that already exist. Let’s keep our money in our own pockets. With taxes skyrocketing at all levels of government the last thing we need is a new taxing district with an insatiable appetite for our money.



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