We Do NOT Need A Community College Taxing District To Provide Customized Training For Local Businesses and Industry.  EITC Offers That Right Now!

One of the biggest claims the proponents of this new taxing district make is that a Community College will be able to offer local industry and business customized worker training programs.  The proponents lead voters to believe that a new taxing district is the only way to offer local training like this.  In fact, several residents have wrote letters to editors or been on the radio stating that we need to vote the taxing district in so we can have such training.


The truth is that a hallmark of EITC is that they have and do provide custom training for local businesses and industry right now!  


You can go directly to their webpage right now by clicking this link to read about their offerings:   Here to be taken to EITC's own website


For ease of viewing, we have included a snap shot of what this link will take you to on the EITC website in the picture below.



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