A 128% Tax Increase in 7 years!

The Northern Idaho College (NIC) is an established institution founded in the 1930's with their buildings paid for, an established reputation, and a population closer to Bonneville County that CWI will ever be.  Therefore it is interesting to study their taxes and budgets as a preview of what our tax situation may one day look like.


Below is the budget information from NIC in a file you can download.  On page 6 is an interesting chart showing that in 7 years the tax rate to property owners went from $53 per 100K in taxable value to $121, an increase of 128%!!!


Do you want your taxes to do that?



See how NIC raised their levy by 128% in just 7 years on page 6. Anyone can say your taxes won't go up, but look at what other taxpayers are facing!
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