Dual Enrollment Without An Expensive Community College

Perhaps one of the biggest falsehoods of this campaign is the notion that we have to have a new Community College so local high school students can take dual credit classes.  


First the State of Idaho has a fund to pay for every high school student to take these classes.  And a local community college is not required.  Teton County offers many, and in fact, of their students who enroll, they average about 60 credits completed!   Below are two important screen shots. 


The first graphic is from an executive summary from Teton High School in Driggs Idaho, approximately 4 hours away from the College of Southern Idaho.


The original source can be found by clicking here and choosing the first option.


The second graphic is right from EITC's website.  It shows EITC already and currently offers Dual Enrollment courses.


Some on the other side are greatly misleading voters into thinking that we have to have a Community College in Bonneville County in order to offer dual enrolment to our high school students.  It simply is not true!



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